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A native of Illinois, George Scurlock was a fencer as a young man as well as an amateur golfer, winning the State Title several years in a row. He sold high end men's clothing and worked extensively with the hearing impaired, before moving to California with his wife Blanche, and daughter Catherine, to enjoy the sun and fresh citrus juices. His growing inability to grasp reality is the result of reading Cormac McCarthy and Don DeLillo extensively and further evidenced by his not only having written, "EX-PAT" but three other unread screenplays, his being 4/5ths of the way through what he contemplates will emerge as a novel, an unproduced play entitled "Make My Day " (a Hollywood romance in 21 scenes), an unoptioned pilot for a TV series, the lyrics for perhaps a dozen unsung songs, and the mulling of a fascinating idea which he feels would necessitate an extended stay in Polynesia to actually put to paper.

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